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SMRU Instrumentation
Sea Mammal Research Unit


Documents Version Date Size Click to download
Product Brochure 4.8 MB ProductBrochure.pdf
SRDL activation:
Quick guide to how to turn tags on and off
0.1 MB SRDL_Activation.pdf
Tag user manual 1.93 7.8 MB SMRU_User_Manual_1_93.pdf
SRDL overview
Details of how the SRDL collects and encodes data
0.1 MB Overview_of_satellite_telemetry_system.pdf
Accelerometer processing
Pitch, swimming effort and Prey Capture events
0.2 MB AccelerometryGuideGen1.pdf
Techniques paper
Overcoming the Constraints of Long Range Radio Telemetry from Animals. Fedak et al
2002 10.0 MB Overcoming_constraints.pdf
CTD tag calibration
How to set up tags to log data for calibration purposes. Changing calibration strings. CTD tags only (also requires TagConfig)
0.3 MB CTD_calib.pdf
Replacing the battery in the field
CTD tags
1.3 MB

Software tools Version Date Size Click to download
Tag Config
to download TDR data, change PTT number and other calibrations
213 22-May-2023 0.3 MB
Latest PTT list
for use with TagConfig
211 26-Jun-2024 0.1 MB ptt_list.ini
to download CPR data
2 15-Nov-2018 0.1 MB
Visualisation package
500 MB MamVisAD
Bin limit calculator
for 'ODLOG' coding
0.1 MB odlog.xlsm
Flash Development Toolkit
Tag reprogramming
4.09 29-Jun-2017 40 MB fdtv409r03.exe
Tag reprogramming guide 4.09 0.5 MB reprogramming_409.pdf
USB driver
may be required to use new programming connector
1.4 MB
Bluetooth installation guide 0.5 MB To_Install_Bluetooth.pdf
Toshiba Bluetooth driver 81.3 MB TC00636200A.exe

Tag programs Version Date Size Click to download
UWA_CTD_GPS_21B 227 16-Sep-2021 0.3 MB
Longline tag code 225 02-Apr-2021 0.2 MB
Longline decoding code 78 08-Dec-2021 0.2 MB
CTD_GEN_20A 220 20-Jan-2020 0.3 MB
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