University of St Andrews SMRU Instrumentation
SMRU Instrumentation
Sea Mammal Research Unit

Bespoke Bio-logging - Tailored Telemetry

We like to work closely with our users to understand each specific application or deployment and tailor our hardware and software appropriately. Our three primary hardware configurations are:

A group of SMRU tags on a rock at the beach

They share an ultra low-power architecture that

  • adaptively samples a variety of sensors;
  • combines sensor data into detailed dive records to an accuracy of c.20cm;
  • efficiently schedules data transmissions;
  • has an operational temperature range from -20° to 50° C.


  • Specialised wet/dry sensors allow SMRU tags to operate in both fresh and sea water.
  • Optional reinforced battery housings mean tags can operate to depths of 2000m.
  • Complete raw data may be downloaded from recovered tags via USB cable or Bluetooth.
  • Smaller form factors are available based on C- or AA-cells
  • A solar battery pack can provide more energy than primary cells in some cases

We are actively developing new types of tag. If you don't see what you want then please ask!

All SMRU tag data are available to the user via a secure web access portal. These data can be downloaded and visualised in time and space using our freely-available MamVisAD software.

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