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Satellite Relay Data Logger (SRDL)

The 9000x SRDL, the latest version of our original Argos tag, provides detailed individual dive and haulout records.


SRDL isomorphic representation
  • Data relayed and locations computed using the global Argos satellite system
  • Relays an unbiased sample of detailed individual dive records
  • Sensors include depth, temperature and speed
  • Low Profile configuration also available (minus speed sensor)

TDR capability

Automatically retains a continuous record of sample data, which can be retrieved by bluetooth link if the tag is recovered.
  • Depth and temperature (4 sec sample rate)


  • Longevity: typically one year, but may be extended with software modifications.
    A lithium 'D' size cell provides approximately 85,000 full length Argos data transmissions.
  • Size: 10.5 x 7 x 4 cm
  • Weight: ~370 g

Further technical details: SRDL 9000x Specification (PDF)

For details of pricing and how to order, please see our Contact & Sales section.
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