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Bio-logging techniques to explore the intersection of behaviour, physiology and ecology

2nd International Bio-logging Science Symposium

Following presentations containing so much outstanding science at the Biologging 2 Symposium, we solicited papers for a special edition of Deep-Sea Research II.

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Deep-Sea Research II Volume 54, Issues 3-4, Pages 177-436 (February 2007)

Bio-logging Science: Logging and Relaying Physical and Biological Data Using Animal-Attached Tags - Proceedings of the 2005 International Symposium on Bio-logging Science

Edited by Martin Biuw, Sascha K. Hooker, Bernie J. McConnell, Patrick J.O. Miller and Carol E. Sparling*

*Guest editors are listed alphabetically


1. Bio-logging science: Logging and relaying physical and biological data using animal-attached tags
Pages 177-182
Sascha K. Hooker, Martin Biuw, Bernie J. McConnell, Patrick J.O. Miller and Carol E. Sparling

Review papers

2. Bio-logging of physiological parameters in higher marine vertebrates  
Pages 183-192
Paul J. Ponganis

3. All at sea with animal tracks; methodological and analytical solutions for the resolution of movement 
Pages 193-210
Rory P. Wilson, Nikolai Liebsch, Ian M. Davies, Flavio Quintana, Henri Weimerskirch, Sandra Storch, Klaus Lucke, Ursula Siebert, Solvin Zankl, Gabriele Müller, Ilka Zimmer, Alejandro Scolaro, Claudio Campagna, Jochen Plötz, Horst Bornemann, Jonas Teilmann and Clive R. McMahon

4. Are seabirds foraging for unpredictable resources?  
Pages 211-223
Henri Weimerskirch

5. The evolution of satellite-monitored radio tags for large whales: One laboratory's experience 
Pages 224-247
Bruce Mate, Roderick Mesecar and Barbara Lagerquist


6. Changes in dive profiles as an indicator of feeding success in king and Adélie penguins 
Pages 248-255
C.A. Bost, Y. Handrich, P.J. Butler, A. Fahlman, L.G. Halsey, A.J. Woakes and Y. Ropert-Coudert

7. Mouthing off about fish capture: Jaw movement in pinnipeds reveals the real secrets of ingestion 
Pages 256-269
N. Liebsch, R.P. Wilson, H. Bornemann, D. Adelung and J. Plötz

8. Structure of foraging dives by Weddell seals at an offshore isolated hole in the Antarctic fast-ice environment 
Pages 270-289
Lee A. Fuiman, Kiersten M. Madden, Terrie M. Williams and Randall W. Davis

9. Comparison of echolocation behaviour between coastal and riverine porpoises 
Pages 290-297
Tomonari Akamatsu, Jonas Teilmann, Lee A. Miller, Jakob Tougaard, Rune Dietz, Ding Wang, Kexiong Wang, Ursula Siebert and Yasuhiko Naito

10. At-sea and on-shore cycles of juvenile Steller sea lions ( Eumetopias jubatus ) derived from satellite dive recorders: A comparison between declining and increasing populations 
Pages 298-310
Katherine A. Call, Brian S. Fadely, Angie Greig and Michael J. Rehberg

11. Flight destinations and foraging behaviour of northern gannets ( Sula bassana ) preying on a small forage fish in a low-Arctic ecosystem 
Pages 311-320
Stefan Garthe, William A. Montevecchi and Gail K. Davoren

12. Ontogeny of plunge diving behaviour in brown boobies: Application of a data logging technique to hand-raised seabirds 
Pages 321-329
Ken Yoda, Hiroyoshi Kohno and Yasuhiko Naito

13. Individual dietary specialization and dive behaviour in the California sea otter: Using archival time–depth data to detect alternative foraging strategies 
Pages 330-342
M.T. Tinker, D.P. Costa, J.A. Estes and N. Wieringa

14. Southern elephant seals from Kerguelen Islands confronted by Antarctic Sea ice. Changes in movements and in diving behaviour 
Pages 343-355
Frédéric Bailleul, Jean-Benoıˆt Charrassin, Robert Ezraty, Fanny Girard-Ardhuin, Clive R. McMahon, Iain C. Field and Christophe Guinet

15. A comparison of indirect measures of feeding behaviour based on ARGOS tracking data 
Pages 356-368
P.W. Robinson, Y. Tremblay, D.E. Crocker, M.A. Kappes, C.E. Kuhn, S.A. Shaffer, S.E. Simmons and D.P. Costa

16. Swimming speed and foraging strategies of northern elephant seals 
Pages 369-383
Jason L. Hassrick, Daniel E. Crocker, Ramona L. Zeno, Susanna B. Blackwell, Daniel P. Costa and Burney J. Le Boeuf

17. HeardMap: Tracking marine vertebrate populations in near real time 
Pages 384-391
S. Frydman and N. Gales

18. Error measures for template-fit geolocation based on light 
Pages 392-403
Phil Ekstrom

19. A new approach to tag design in dolphin telemetry: Computer simulations to minimise deleterious effects 
Pages 404-414
V.V. Pavlov, R.P. Wilson and K. Lucke

20. How do different data logger sizes and attachment positions affect the diving behaviour of little penguins? 
Pages 415-423
Yan Ropert-Coudert, Nathan Knott, André Chiaradia and Akiko Kato

21. The effect of instrument attachment on the surface temperature of juvenile grey seals ( Halichoerus grypus ) as measured by infrared thermography 
Pages 424-436
Dominic J. McCafferty, John Currie and Carol E. Sparling