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Grey and harbour seal maps

As part of our on-going research into which areas of UK waters are used by native seals, the latest versions of grey and harbour seal at-sea distribution maps are available for download, along with documentation explaining how the maps should be used. (See below for further details about the accompanying Report to BEIS)


With ever increasing pressure on the world’s oceans and it resources, marine mammals are often impacted by man’s marine activities. One of our aims is to therefore determine the nature, magnitude and significance of these expanding interactions and to provide policy makers with the breadth and depth of information necessary to create strategies, rules and regulations that will best balance the needs of our society with the wealth and biodiversity of the seas.

  • What are the effects of marine renewable energy developments on marine mammals?
  • How can by-catch of marine mammals be reduced or prevented altogether?
  • How does the dramatic increase in man-made noise in the oceans affect marine mammals?

SMRU produces impartial, independent and innovative science that has high relevance to society, providing major input for the support of environmental policy in the UK.

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