Narwhal Nights: Discoveries Along The Scientific Road Less Travelled

Professor Terrie Williams studies large mammalian predators. Understanding how these magnificent animals survive in a world that is constantly changing has been the focus of Terrie’s research for three decades. In her public lecture, Terrie will describe her research on narwhals, the arctic-dwelling whales often dubbed the unicorn of the sea. Terrie is a comparative ecophysiologist and Director of the Center for Marine Mammal Research and Conservation at the University of California Santa Cruz.

Tuesday 5th February 2019, 1pm at the Byre Theatre – TICKETS SOLD OUT 

… but you needn’t miss out:

  • Option 1: You can watch the lecture live stream at
  • Option 2: You can drop by the Byre Box Office five minutes before the lecture starts to see if there are any uncollected tickets or free seats in the auditorium.

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