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2013 (5)
Marine Mammal Science
vol.29 pp.E537–E541
Pup to adult photo-ID
William David Paterson, Paula Redman, Lex Hiby, Simon Moss, Ailsa Jane Hall, Patrick Pomeroy 
Methods in Ecology and Evolution
vol.Early View 
Analysis of photo-id data allowing for missed matches and individuals identified from opposite sides.
A Hiby, William David Paterson, Paula Redman, John Watkins, Sean Twiss, Patrick Pomeroy 
2012 (10)
Journal of Thermal Biology
vol.37 pp.454-461
Seals like it hot: Changes in surface temperature of harbour seals (Phoca vitulina) from late pregnancy to moult
William David Paterson, Carol Elizabeth Sparling, David Thompson, Patrick Pomeroy, J. I. Currie, D. J. McCafferty 
Marine Mammal Science

Assesment of flipper tag site healing in gray seal pups using thermography.
William David Paterson, Patrick Pomeroy, Carol Elizabeth Sparling, Simon Moss, David Thompson, John Currie, Dominic McCafferty 
Keywords: tagging, tag loss, thermography
Journal of Comparative Physiology B: Biochemical, Systems, and Environmental Physiology

Estimating metabolic heat loss in birds and mammals by combining infrared thermography with biophysical modelling.
dominic McCafferty, C. Gilbert, William David Paterson, Patrick Pomeroy, David Thompson, j.c. j.c. currie, A. Ancel