Dr Simon Northridge

Dr Simon Northridge
Senior Lecturer

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Research Overview:

My work is focused on practical aspects of conservation, including quantifying the impacts of human activities on wildlife and examining the best ways to minimise such impacts.  I work mainly with fisheries and aquaculture, quantifying bycatch levels of non-target species, and especially those whose populations are most vulnerable to additional mortality.  I am interested in understanding how and why such interactions occur and in testing ways that may be useful in minimising any damage caused while maintaining economically important activities. Competitve interactions between fisheries and marine mammals provide the basis for my interest in the feeding ecology and behaviour of marine mammals, and especially how this relates to fishing activity.  Work within my research group also uses passive acoustic techniques to study the behaviour of echolocating animals, especially in areas close to fisheries, aquaculture or renewable energy sites where they may be vulnerable.


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Using mobile phone technology to capture small-scale fisheries data – is this the future? Hannah Ladd-Jones, Mark Andrew James, Tania Mendo, Paddy McCann, Simon Northridge
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Seals and Wild Salmon Fisheries: Interim Report Rob Harris, Simon Northridge
Identification of high-risk areas for harbour porpoise Phocoena phocoena bycatch using remote electronic monitoring and satellite telemetry data Lotte Kindt-Larsen, Casper Willestofte Berg, Jakob Tougaard, Thomas Kirk Sørensen, Kerstin Geitner, Simon Northridge, Signe Sveegaard, Signe Sveegaard, Finn Larsen
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Do metier and vessel size influence accident and fatality rates? Simon Northridge, Simon Tero, Sophie Smout
Evaluation of a Drifting Porpoise Localising Array Buoy: A novel configuration for tracking porpoises in tidal rapids using passive acoustics. Chloe Elizabeth Malinka, Jamie Donald John MacAulay, Jonathan Charles David Gordon, Simon Northridge
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Seals and Wild Salmon Fisheries Rob Harris, Simon Northridge
Studies for carrying out the common fisheries policy Alexei Birkun, Simon Northridge, Ed Willsteed, Frances James, Charles Kilgour, Martin Lander, Gavin Fitzgerald

Contact Details:

Dr Simon Northridge
Bute Building
University of St Andrews
St Andrews
KY16 9TS

tel: 01334 462654
fax: 01334 462632
room: A6


Sea Mammal Research Unit
Biology Management Group
School of Biology
Biology Teaching Committee
Centre for Biological Diversity
Scottish Oceans Institute

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