Dr Sascha Hooker:

Research Overview:

I have broad interests in foraging and diving behaviour of marine mammals, and the physiological constraints underlying this.  I am keen to apply my work wherever possible toward conservation biology, and have worked on introduced pest species, the effect of anthropogenic sounds, contaminants, and the development of marine protected areas. 


Recent publications listed in research@st-andrews
Hooker, SK, Simmons, SE, Stimpert, AK & McDonald, BI 2017, 'Equity and career-life balance in marine mammal science?' Marine Mammal Science, vol 33, no. 3, pp. 955-965. DOI: 10.1111/mms.12407
Hooker, SK 2017, Toothed whales. in Encyclopedia of marine mammals. 3rd edn, Elsevier.