Dr Luke Rendell:
MASTS Reader in Biology

Research Overview:

I have previously worked mostly on wild cetaceans, but now I am developing theoretical investigations of the evolution of social learning strategies, as well as getting involved in experimental studies of learning. I am primarily interested in the evolution of social learning, communication systems and culture, but maintain broader based interests in ecology, behaviour and conservation.


Recent publications

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2018 (30/1)

(Chapter (peer-reviewed))
Cultural Transmission
Luke Edward Rendell 
2018 (13/6)
Nature Communications
2018 (7)
Animal Behaviour
vol.141 pp.95-103
2018 (7)
Trends in Cognitive Sciences
vol.22 pp.651-665
(Review article)
Social learning strategies
Rachel Kendal, Neeltje Boogert, Luke Edward Rendell, Kevin Neville Laland, Michael Munro Webster, Patricia Jones 
Keywords: Asocial information, Associative learning theory, Behavioural gambit, Cumulative culture, Metacognition, Social informationQH301 Biology
2018 (9)
Biology Letters
Tail walking in a bottlenose dolphin community
M. Bossley, A. Steiner, P. Brakes, J. Shrimpton, C. Foster, Luke Edward Rendell 
Keywords: Social learning, Cultural transmission, Cetacean, Bottlenose dolphinQH301 Biology