Mr Joe Onoufriou
Research Assistant and Postgraduate student

source: symbiosis

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2017 (12)
Journal of Applied Ecology
vol.54 pp.1930-1940
Seals and shipping
Esther Lane Jones, Gordon Drummond Hastie, Sophie Caroline Smout, Joseph Onoufriou, Nathan Merchant, Kate Brookes, David Thompson 
Keywords: Halichoerus grypus, Phoca vitulina, Spatial overlap, AIS, Telemetry, Acoustic propagation, Marine stressor, MSFD, Noise pollution, UncertaintyQH301 Biology, QL ZoologyDAS
2016 (2/6)
PLoS One
vol.11 pp.1-14
Corkscrew seals
Andrew Brownlow, Joseph Onoufriou, Amanda Bishop, Nicholas Davison, David Thompson 
Keywords: QH301 BiologyDAS
2016 (6)

(Commissioned report)
Harbour Seal Decline - vital rates and drivers
Monica Arso Civil, Sophie Caroline Smout, Callan David Duck, Chris Morris, Joseph Onoufriou, David Thompson, Andrew Brownlow, Nicholas Davison, Caroline Cummings, Patrick Pomeroy, Bernie J McConnell, Ailsa Jane Hall 
Keywords: Harbour seal, Population Dynamics, Population decline, Bayesian approach, Photo-identification, TelemetryGE Environmental Sciences, QA Mathematics, QH301 BiologyScottish Government

(Commissioned report)
Investigations into the interactions between harbour seals (Phoca vitulina) and vessels in the inner Moray Firth
Joseph Onoufriou, Esther Lane Jones, Gordon Drummond Hastie, David Thompson 
Keywords: Scottish Government

(Commissioned report)
Collision risk
Joseph Onoufriou, David Thompson 
Keywords: QH301 Biology, GC OceanographyScottish Government

(Commissioned report)
Collision risk and impact study
David Thompson, Andrew Brownlow, Joseph Onoufriou, Simon Moss 
Keywords: QH301 Biology, GC OceanographyScottish Government

(Commissioned report)

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