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2018 (28/9)
vol.361 pp.1373-1376
Predicting global killer whale population collapse from PCB pollution
Jean-Pierre Desforges, Ailsa Jane Hall, Bernie J McConnell, Aqqalu Rosing-Asvid, Jonathan L. Barber, Andrew Brownlow, Sylvain De Guise, Igor Eulaers, Paul D. Jepson, Robert J. Letcher, Milton Levin, Peter S. Ross, Filipa Isabel Pereira Samarra, Gisli Vikingson, Christian Sonne, Rune Dietz 
Keywords: QH301 BiologyDAS
2017 (2)
Marine Biology
Icelandic herring-eating killer whales feed at night
Richard Gaëtan, Olga Alexandrovna Filatova, Filipa Isabel Pereira Samarra, Ivan D. Fedutin, Marc Lammers, Patrick Miller 
Keywords: Killer whale, Diel behaviour, Acoustic communication, Feeding, Herring, Underwater tail slap, Herding call, Passive acoustic monitoringQL ZoologyNDAS
2017 (13/11)
Aquatic Mammals
vol.43 pp.682-690
Incidence of Probable Vertebral Column Deformities in Norwegian and Icelandic Killer Whales (Orcinus orca)
Eve M. Jourdain, Filipa Isabel Pereira Samarra, Richard E. Karoliussen 
Keywords: NDAS