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Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems
vol.Early View 
Three-dimensional movements of harbour seals in a tidally energetic channel
Gordon Drummond Hastie, Matthew Bivins, Alexander James Coram, Jonathan Charles David Gordon, Pauline Jepp, Jamie Donald John MacAulay, Carol Elizabeth Sparling, Douglas Michael Gillespie 
Keywords: Behaviour, Environmental impact assessment, Mammals, New techniques, Renewable energyNERC
2017 (6)
Conservation Biology
vol.31 pp.686-695
2016 (5)

(Commissioned report)

(Commissioned report)
The density and behaviour of marine mammals in tidal rapids
Jamie Donald John MacAulay, Chloe Elizabeth Malinka, Alexander James Coram, Jonathan Charles David Gordon, Simon Northridge 
Keywords: Scottish Government
2014 (10)

(Commissioned report)
Evaluating and Assessing the Relative Effectiveness of Acoustic Deterrent Devices and other Non-Lethal Measures on Marine Mammals
Alexander James Coram, Jonathan Charles David Gordon, David Thompson, Simon Northridge 
2013 (7)

(Commissioned report)
Investigations on Seal Depredation at Scottish Fish Farms
Simon Northridge, Alexander James Coram, Jonathan Charles David Gordon 
Keywords: marine mammal-fisheries interactions, Acoustic devices
2013 (21/10)

(Commissioned report)
Wave & Tidal Consenting Position Paper Series: Marine Mammal Impacts
Carol Elizabeth Sparling, Alexander James Coram, Bernie J McConnell, David Thompson, K.R. Hawkins, Simon Northridge 

(Commissioned report)
Assessment of the impacts and utility of acoustic deterrent devices
Simon Northridge, Jonathan Charles David Gordon, Susannah Calderan, Alexander Cargill, Alexander James Coram, Douglas Michael Gillespie, Mike Lonergan, Alice Webb 
Keywords: Scottish Aquaculture Research Forum

(Other contribution)
Entanglement of minke whales in Scottish waters; an investigation into occurrence , causes and mitigation
Simon Northridge, Alexander Cargill, Alexander James Coram, Laura Mandleberg, Susannah Calderan, Bob Reid 

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