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Found Tags

We use flipper tags to mark seals for future identification.  They are embossed with the words “Inform London Zoo”.  London Zoo passes on any tag reports to us and we respond to the finder. 

We also use telemetry tags to track the movements and behaviour of seals. These are glued to the fur of seals and they fall off during the annual moult.

If you find either of these tags please record:

  • The date
  • The location (including latitude and longitude if possible)
  • Any identifying numbers on the tag
  • Whether it was attached to a seal and, if so, its condition
  • Your address, phone number and email address

Then contact Ailsa Hall for flipper tags or Bernie McConnell for telemetry tags.  Please do not attempt to disassemble any telemetry tag – the battery may still contain considerable energy.

More information on reporting stranded marine animals in Scotland and the Scottish Marine Animal Stranding Scheme can be found in this leaflet (pdf).



flipper tag

telemetry tag

telemetry tag



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