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Scottish Government Reports

The Scottish Government is funding a major strategic marine mammal research programme to provide advice to Scottish Ministers across a range of key marine policy areas. SMRU, working with a number of  collaborating organisations, will be carrying out this research over a three year period which started in 2011 and builds on work already in progress under a number of smaller projects  See Fact Sheet: Marine Mammal Research - Science into Policy

As the study progresses, Final Reports will be made available here.

Annual Reports

Marine Renewable Energy

Unusual Seal Deaths

Harbour Seal Decline


Seal Haul-out Site Designation

Scottish legislation requires the designation of key seal haul-out sites in Scotland, at which seals are protected from intentional or reckless harassment. SMRU was tasked by the Scottish Government to develop a method for selecting these key sites. The following report describes the process used to identify and select designated seal haul-out sites using SMRU aerial survey data.


Other reports for Scottish Government


Older Reports


Special Committee on Seals Reports:

Formal advice on matters related to the management of seal populations is given annually based on the latest scientific information provided to SCOS by the Sea Mammal Research Unit. Reports